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Metaltronic | LongTerm Corporate Bonds | 720 DAYS| 9.00% YIELD

  • Class : A
  • Term : 720
  • Interest: 9.00%
  • Coupon interest rate : 8.25%
  • Nominal value : 1
  • Capital Amortization : 90 days
  • Interest Amortization : 90 days

Industrial company dedicated to assembly services for motorcycles, auto parts and metalurgic products for use in various industries

The risk rating is a proffesional opinion, substantiated and independent of the capacity for the company to fulfill its contractual obligations. For example, a company with AA+ has a better probability of fulfillment than a company with D

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(1)The amount to disburse doesn't include stock echange or/and broker comissions, or any other comissions that could be generated, the amortizaion table are generated autmatically and there could exist small differences from the public offer prospectus. There could be differences in the actual settlement calculation.