Financial counseling

Description and value proposal

Our counseling products are characterized for a depth level of analysis that allows to meet the customer needs beyond a 100%. They are customized products that manage to improve your business in terms of profitability, growing and liquidity. While allowing you to give the best value to your stakeholders.


1. Mergers And Acquisitions (M&A)

Through this service you can determine the market value of your company, either in order to make a merger with other company or a future selling. We offer a complete analysis and with the highest level of detail possible to determine the most precise value of your company. We have an invaluable experience in this field that includes the development of own methodologies of valuation that are registered in IEPI (Intellectual Property Ecuadorian Institute for its spanish acronym).

2. Counseling in business plans development

If you don’t have an adequate unit of analysis to completely develop your business plan or you are not sure how to project your financial statements, we offer you the most complete counseling and customized to your needs for any business plan that will allow you to have a clearer vision of your project, which could be completed with viability studies in order to access financing in the stock market.

3. Feasibility studies

This service is focused in analyzing the possibility for a business to enter the stock market to obtain the maximum advantage. On the other hand, we also have counseling for feasibility studies for any kind of project.

4. Market Issuers Monitoring

This service is designed for once your company completed successfully a structuring process and securities colocation in the stock market, could have the tranquility of accomplishing all the requirements established by the control entities.

Also, we do periodic evaluation of your financial situation to issue early alerts of possible deviation from projections established on the public offering prospects.

Becoming a member of the stock market doesn’t have to come with more operating load, MERCAPITAL helps you with that!”

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