About Us

Who we are

MERCAPITAL is a stock broker incorporated under Ecuadorian law and is authorized to operate in the Ecuadorian stock market by the Supertintendence of Companies, Securities and Insurance. The company is registered in the Stock Market Register since July 27th of 2011. (Under Register 2011.1.06.00090).

In MERCAPITAL we are focused in our customers, understanding their needs of investment, financing and counseling, and developing suitable products to supply them. MERCAPITAL has extensive experience in the Ecuadorian Stock Market, which has allowed it to be within the Ecuadorian Broker Houses most active and well recognized.


Work together with the Quito and Guayaquil Stock Exchange and the local Stock Brokers with the purpose of creating an individual investors professional market, wide and committed with the development of a real stock market in Ecuador.


Be the place where everyone wants to work, being the most efficient Investment Bank and providing the best service to customers in structuring liabilities, mergers and acquisitions, analysis and development of business plans and also providing the best investment alternatives, profitable and secure to all investors who believe in Ecuador


  • JULY: MERCAPITAL is registered in the “Registro del Mercado de Valores” on July 27th of 2011 with authorization of the Superintendence of Companies Resolution Nr. Q.IMV.11.3219 of July 22 of 2011
  • DECEMBER: MERCAPITAL carry out 59 transactions in the Quito Stock Exchange


Transactions performed

  • DECEMBER:MERCAPITAL carry out 285 transactions in the Quito Stock Exchange.
  • - MERCAPITAL issues in the stock market titles for an ammount of $30 millions in the year.


Transactions performed

  • DECEMBER: MERCAPITAL carry out 571 transactions in the Quito Stock Exchange , representing a 100% growth from the previous year
  • MERCAPITAL issues in the stock market titles for an ammount of $23 millions in the year


Transactions performed

  • DECEMBER:The excelent commitment of MERCAPITAL stockholders is reflected in the capital increase this year.
  • MERCAPITAL carry out 897 transactions in the Quito Stock Exchange , representing a 57% growth from the previous year
  • MERCAPITAL issues in the stock market titles for an ammount of $41 millions in the year.


Transactions performed

  • DECEMBER:MERCAPITAL climbs from the 15th place in 2014 to the 5th place in the ranking of Quito Stock Exchange in traded volume accrued by december 2015
  • MERCAPITAL carry out 963 transactions in the Quito Stock Exchange , representing a 7% growth from the previous year.
  • MERCAPITAL issues in the stock market titles for an ammount of $28 millions in the year.


Transactions performed

  • JULY: MERCAPITAL celebrate the company 5th Anniversary, in commitment with customer satisfaction. A publication is released in the magazine “Líderes” of “Grupo El Comercio” on August 1st in honor of that day
  • DECEMBER : MERCAPITAL carry out 1698 transactions in the Quito Stock Exchange, representing a 76% growth from the previous year.
  • MERCAPITAL issues in the stock market titles for an ammount of $83.07 millions in the year.
  • MERCAPITAL climb from 5th place in 2015 to 4th place in the same ranking of the Quito Stock Exchange in traded volume accrued.


Transactions performed

  • March: MERCAPITAL has made a total renovation of the website's company.
  • May: MERCAPITAL move the company offices to a modern and wide place in order to offer their customers the best attention.
  • December:MERCAPITAL carry out 1877 transactions in the Quito Stock Exchange, representing an 11% growth from the previous year.
  • MERCAPITAL issues in the stock market titles for an amount of $61 millions in the year.
  • MMERCAPITAL climbs from the 4th place in 2016 to the 3rd place of the Quito Stock Exchange in traded volume accrued.


Transactions performed


Millions issued since 2011

Anual Accumulated Ranking and Transactions Negotiated in BVQ

Cash accumulated ranking and transactions negotiated in BVQ

Our Staff

Daniella Cruz

General Manager

Her solid vocational training is based on extensive experience in corporate banking and related branches to the financial marketing, which enabled her to join the stock market in the country and be widely aware of the products that can be offered in this market, in terms of investment, savings and financing. The constant passion for her work is one of her most outstanding qualities, what have her done to be worthy of occupying important senior positions throughout her career. Aside from being our Stock Broker, is our General Manager.

José Vicente Jiménez

Deputy Manager of Structuration

His professional strengths include both technical and financial aspects, such as expertise in financial modeling processes, two elements that are essential for the development and structuring processes of corporate debt issuance. Through his experience in financial institutions, in areas of Finance and Treasury, as well as his incursion into the market more than 7 years ago, he has been able to acquire knowledge in the development of financial products and search for alternative financing.

Juan Francisco Mosquera

Financial Analyst

His most notable skills are part of the survey, application methods, and systematization of financial market trading information, so his contribution to the development of commercial tools of MERCAPITAL, has been very relevant. Likewise, analysis and financial monitoring each of our customers, is part of his functions, which focus on the detection of early warnings of diversion from budgets, evaluation and design of financial strategies, measuring performance indicators, among other technical aspects.

Jenny Muñoz

Administrative Assistant

Behind every executive is an administrative assistant that makes businesses work efficiently. Communication skills and organization of MERCAPITAL are held by Jenny, who has extensive knowledge of internal administrative procedures such as talent management and coordination of resources. Her strong management skills and interpersonal skills guarantee our administrative and organizational excellence, always thinking about the quality of service to internal and external customers.

Ximena Moreno

Operations Assistant

The technical knowledge acquired during her previous experience in several brokerage houses in the country, have forged her professional profile, the same that is aligned to the stock operative field. The use of technological tools as the daily operation of MERCAPITAL, is one of her main strengths, which makes it posible for the institutional back office to be in good hands.

María José Paredes

Financial Analyst

Her academic background in the financial field allows her to have the qualities and skills required in the analysis of the accounts that compose the different financial statements and the verification of their accounting reasonability; therefore, the monitoring and evaluation of the financial situation of each one of our clients, is her main skill; which makes it possible to generate technical reports and periodic reports according to the procedures and institutional guidelines based on the applicable regulations.

María Elsa Mogollón

Stock Broker

Her professional training is based on a vast and solid experience in the financial sector that has allowed her to be involved in the local stock market since 1994, which makes her an expert expert in issues of stock market transaction and financial markets. Her active participation in the market has allowed her to be part of the Association of Stock Houses (ASOCAVAL), likewise, she has been a member of the Rectory of the Stock Exchange of Quito and part of the Board occupying managerial positions of great relevance in Several Stock Houses of the country.

Katiusca Estevez

Operations Supervisor

Her extensive technical knowledge is based on the experience acquired both in the Financial Sector and in the Stock Market, in which she has been involved since 2001. The domain in operational, tax and accounting issues reveals her passing through management positions in the Operating and Accounting Area in recognized companies. The skills and abilities acquired are a great support for the Commercial Area. The efficiency in addressing the operative processes of the Brokerage House allows us to comply with the high service standards with which Mercapital S.A. has committed.

Luis Esteban Naranjo

Senior Corporate Advisor

His extensive experience of more than 8 years in the stock market with a track record in different areas such as stock broker, operations manager and portfolio management. Specializing in portfolios of insurance companies, along with his training in business economics, and securities market, institutional customer service, such as insurers, banks, cooperatives and the public sector, make him one of our best advisors at the highest level.

Sebastián Yépez

Market analyst

His training as an economist and stock broker allows him to carry out a multivariable analysis to develop macroeconomic, sectorial and conjunctural analysis, relating them to the stock market. This contributes with an added value for the documents and prospects of Mercapital. He also contributes to the dissemination of information, relevant and timely facts and variables that impact the stock market, through our digital media.

Monserrat Santander

Operations Analyst

Her studies in Commercial Engineering and Finance have allowed her to work and acquire knowledge in Fund Administrators and Fundtrusts of the Private and Public Sector, exercising in the Operational and Administrative field of Trusts, Investment Funds and Securitizations, understanding the operation of the stock brokers . Also with experience as Compliance Officer in Prevention of Money Laundering, applied in the financial, fiduciary and real estate sectors.